This was a gathering of beautiful people in this side of the planet. The guests were all dressed up so fabulously and their faces are simply gorgeous. An event for the stars? showbiz? models? wow! I can't reveal the name of the organization. But all I can say is, FABULOUS PEOPLE GRACED THE EVENT with big smiles on their faces. Lovely. Fantastic. Amazing. Truly a night to remember by THE EVENT SPECIALISTS TEAM


When the event host announced that the food will be served, guests thought it will just be as simple as possible, like waiters coming to their tables and serve it. But there was a surprise, the FOOD PARADE. Waiter lined up and executed a cute choreography to amaze everyone before they serve the food. This was fun. Guests were at awe, waiting for the presentation to be finished and yet excited on what's going to happen next. Fun. Fun. Fun. From the moment they arrived at the event venue up to this moment, everything was fun and amazing. Wait til the party started. This was just the beginning. Another great event by THE EVENT SPECIALISTS TEAM


When the guests opened the grand ballroom doors, it was just fabulous. Simultaneously performers were coming out and doing their own routines. The lights were playing, the music was up, the video was running, the mimes were set as greeters, the cancan dancers are on the dance floor, the drag queens are belting out "LADY MARMALADE", stilt walkers are gigantically walking around as if it's all just a dream. All faces were with big smiles and cameras were flashing. These are just few of the things you will notice on the opening of the grand ballroom. Party poppers were continually popped everytime a group of guests enter the grand ballroom. Everyone was shouting, clapping and happy. This was just the start of the party. Another fabulous event by THE EVENT SPECIALISTS TEAM


The red lighted windmills are already set and the swags are looking great with red lights. The centerpieces were stunning and the waiters are busy preparing the tables for the guests. This was one of the most fabulous event with MOULIN ROUGE MOVIE as the theme. This was held at the Grand Ballroom of New World Hotel, Makati City Philippines. Another fantastic event handled by THE EVENT SPECIALISTS TEAM


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